Special rate for private lessons in Portland

I hope you’re registered for KinkFest, because they’ve sold out again! I’ll be teaching New to the Scene, Drawn to the Edge and Slipping Into Hypnosis there this weekend.

I’m also offering a special deal on private instruction, if you want to learn in more depth or you find yourself wishing that I were teaching different classes at KinkFest. This weekend, you can book a lesson for $60/hour, with a one hour minimum rather than my usual two hour minimum. For more details, you can read my private intruction page, then contact me!

a teaser & a duck pic

Want to see an outtake from the video I’m currently putting together for my Patreon, with a clue about the content? More importantly, wanna see the mallard I was watching yesterday?

May 25th – Seattle Hypnokink Enthusiasts’ Group

Which would you like to do first: learn to improvise more effective hypnotic suggestions, or practice delivering pre-written suggestions in your own confident voice? In May, both choices lead to the same results! We’ll be discussing and practicing Ericksonian double binds, powerful ways of phrasing suggestions to create a sense of choice.

Afterward, we’ll try out the “Koala Box” method for arranging group practice time, as pioneered by the BEHIVE hypnosis study group in Boston.

You can find more details & RSVP on FetLife!

Needles: Basics to Bondage in Seattle on March 30th

Let’s play with pokey things! Join us to learn the basics of needle play, then explore ways to use temporary piercings to create devious restraints or inventive predicaments. You’ll learn about safety and skin anatomy, gain palpation skills to inform your needle placement, and practice piercing the uncomplaining (citrus) needle bottoms we’ll provide. Then, you’ll have time to try out these skills with a friend, or bring your curiosities & scene ideas to an interactive demo where you can see how your suggestions play out!

Get more information or RSVP at the FetLife event listing, or get your advance tickets here!

I’m launching a Patreon!

Because I’m lucky enough to travel to teach, I often meet people with whom I’d love to stay in touch (and I like to believe the feeling is mutual!) but who I may not see again for years. I’d like to keep that chatting-in-the-hallways-at-the-conference feeling going, and keep providing education! I’ll be feeling out whether Patreon will let me create this atmosphere, and if you’ve enjoyed one of my classes, I would love to have you join me.

You can find me at patreon.com/najalaise!