hypnosis classes in Portland on June 22nd

As part of the lead up to It’s All In Your Head, I’m organizing more hypnokink education at the SPEEC space in Portland!

On Saturday 6/22, we’ll start at noon with a social and facilitated practice time. Are there things that you’ve always been curious to see people do with hypnosis? This could be your chance! We’ll be using the Koala Box method of organizing demos, an innovation from the BEHIVE group in Boston. I tried this in Seattle recently, and we had a fantastic time with it!

At 2pm, the first class is Slap Me Down: Face Slapping as Kinesthetic Induction. It’s a primer on face slapping and a workshop on how to use a slap or three as your hypnotic induction. Have you ever wondered how to kick off an interrogation scene if you’re thinking of using hypnosis to make it a more immersive experience? This class has an answer to that and more!

At 5pm, after a break between classes, the next class is If I Want Your Feelings, I’ll Give Them to You. If you’re interested in playing with fear, shame, confusion, or even negotiated gaslighting, this class gives easy and adaptable entry points.

Both classes are appropriate for people new to hypnosis as well as experienced hypnokinksters, but please understand that both will contain emotionally intense content.

If you’ve registered for It’s All In Your Head, you can use the coupon code from your ticket purchase confirmation email to get half off these classes!

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