Private Instruction

If you want to gain new kink skills, private lessons allow for a deep dive into the topic of your choice, because the agenda is customized to your interests and your learning style. This can also be a great solution if you’re interested in a class which I don’t teach very often: any class on my class list can be adapted to a private lesson format.

Subjects I teach on privately include:
  • hypnosis
  • negotiation & risk mitigation
  • play piercing with hypodermics- advanced topics include needle bondage and face needles
  • play piercing with other implements, such as surgical staples and acupuncture needles
  • urethral play for both long and short urethras
  • rough body play
  • relationship models, including D/s (authority transfer) relationships and polyamory
  • cautery and microbranding (aka cell popping)

Wondering whether I teach a certain topic? Please contact me! This is not an exhaustive list. If I don’t have expertise in the area you ask about, I can often offer a recommendation.

My standard rate for private instruction is currently $75 an hour, with a two hour minimum. I am committed to making kink education more accessible, and can sometimes offer a reduced rate or other accommodations.

In addition to the time in person, each lesson includes an email from me afterward with notes on what we went over & thoughts on skills you might want to work on next, as well as an email check-in about a week later to see if you have had any questions come up as you’ve practiced your new skills. Depending on the material we cover, I’m often also able to offer relevant book recommendations and links to technique videos online.

Consultation on event organizing & presenting

Are you developing your first workshop? Are you planning a party and thinking about how to phrase promotional materials? Are you organizing an event, and looking for feedback on the Code of Conduct or other documents?

Let’s have coffee! I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far, as well as my perspective as a queer and nonbinary person. I offer a variable rate, depending on circumstances, for consultations on these matters.