Sometimes, people say very kind things about me and the education & events I create!

Naj is a pleasure to work with, and teaches a variety of unusual, unique topics. We received excellent feedback on all their presentations, and I’ve especially enjoyed their needle play classes. They approach potentially tricky topics in a nuanced and consent-focused manner, and bring a perspective that feels extremely knowledgable, while also being fresh and friendly.

Shay, education coordinator for Dark Odyssey: Surrender

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop yesterday. It was absolutely amazing. I learned so much! Not just about hypnosis and how to integrate it into play, but I also found your way of reacting and talking to people inspiring.


I was in your edge class last week. It was great and just… like, so validating to hear other people’s stories and get advice and support from them—thank you so much for putting yourself out there and cultivating that space for us.

Aloy, regarding New to the Scene, Drawn to the Edge at Winter Wickedness 2019

Naj is an amazing facilitator, who began the discussion by framing our approach to respecting the other attendees, a technique which would better serve most classes of similar content. It was a really fruitful, thoughtful discussion because of their guidance and vulnerability.

(anonymous feedback from Charmed 2019 regarding Negotiating Hypnotic Edgeplay)

I enjoyed the class and I’m excited to implement what I learned!

FL: @Maryonette

The discussion you lead was informative and diverse enough to feel meaningful on a number of levels. I really appreciated the fact that there were challenging narratives that were shared, and at the same time constructively. This is a hard topic to discuss. I hope folks are able to get more from their exploration because of it, but whether they do or don’t, you did a great job managing the time and content. Thank you!

(anonymous feedback from Charmed 2019 regarding Negotiating Hypnotic Edgeplay)

I learned quite a bit and am excited to go practice. I really enjoyed your class structure and appreciated you taking the time to answer all of our questions.

FL: @blaming_lilith

The presenter was amazing at communicating with the audience about safety and consent making volunteers feel very safe. Loved it! The class truly made me feel things I didn’t know or expect about myself.

(anonymous feedback from MindQuake 2018 regarding Sadistic Eye Fixation)

The presenter was engaging, entertaining, and incredibly knowledgeable!

Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a badass hero

(anonymous feedback from MindQuake 2018 regarding Sadistic Eye Fixation)

Thanks so much! We loved your introduction to hypnosis, and are looking forward to learning as much as we can about it.

FL: Shuuka

The class was beautifully structured in such a way that all information flowed smoothly and effectively. Safety information was super helpful and raised awareness that many probably didn’t know about in regards to the subject matter in the first place. Your teaching style in general was incredibly composed, patient and consistent.

(anonymous feedback from MindQuake 2018 regarding Slap Me Down)

It gave me so many ideas, and so many more ways to integrate hypnosis into my play! It was very inspiring, but also very clear and well structured. Other hypnosis workshops I’ve attended have been more improvised, this made things harder to follow at times, but you clearly had a plan, a list of topics you wanted to hit, and kept tangents brief and labeled them as such. This made things very easy to follow.

So I just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge and inspiration! I have a lot of ideas now. I’ll be sure to put them to good (or, depending on partner, bad) use 🙂


Thank you again for teaching your classes at WW19. I enjoyed both of them and wish they both could have been longer to be able to go more in depth. I think you did a wonderful job of introducing edge play concepts and the ideas of how to integrate hypnosis into other play (what hypnosis inside of a scene COULD look like – which I couldn’t even picture before your class).

B.K, Ohio

What an amazing presenter, who communicates on such a high level, and with such compassion.

(anonymous feedback from MindQuake 2018 regarding Sadistic Eye Fixation)

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