learning in community – custom classes for small groups

Last night, I had the pleasure of teaching a private hypnokink class for a very queer little group. We started with a discussion of risk and consent, went over some ridiculously easy ways to induce hypnosis, talked about self-hypnosis and bottoming skills, and then dove right into edgeplay and hypnotic amnesia.

I love creating classes that directly respond to what a group is interested in exploring. If you’ve considered a private lesson but would prefer a group setting, or you’d like to share the cost with friends, I’d be glad to discuss it.

two hypnosis classes in Seattle at the end of March

On Friday March 27th, I’ll be teaching an introductory hypnokink class at Gallery Erato, Slipping Into Hypnosis: Easy Ways to Play With Trance. You can read more & get tickets here or see who else is attending on FetLife. No experience and no rote memorization required!

Then, on Saturday the 28th at noon, I’ll be co-presenting Self-Hypnosis as Self-Sabotage. This class is rooted in my experiences as a submissive, and discusses how dominants can draw on their partners’ skills when it’s the submissive partner who has more hypnosis experience! Advance tickets are here, and here’s the FetLife link.

August hypnokink events in Seattle

It’s All In Your Head is coming up in just one week! On Friday the 16th at 7pm, we’ll gather in Occidental Square for a casual (and free!) meet & greet, and you can buy your ticket in person there. You can RSVP for that on FetLife if desired.

Then, on Saturday the 17th, it’s Seattle’s biggest hypnokink event of the year, with a play party to follow! Get lots more details and buy tickets here.

The Saturday after that, the 24th, is the regular quarterly meeting of the Hypnokink Enthusiasts’ Group. You can read more about it on the Pan Eros website or RSVP on FetLife. This month, we’ll have demos of a few very different inductions inspired by the progressive relaxation model, then an opportunity for you to show us your own favorite!

a sneak peek

Last call! If at least one more person joins my Patreon tonight (the 30th), there will be a bonus item given away with the hat. Which hat I give away is still up in the air… but if we hit the stretch goal and I get to give away the mitts pictured, the hat will coordinate.

Don’t you want to get an early start on your gift planning for that one person you know who really needs more ways to flag for fisting?