August hypnokink events in Seattle

It’s All In Your Head is coming up in just one week! On Friday the 16th at 7pm, we’ll gather in Occidental Square for a casual (and free!) meet & greet, and you can buy your ticket in person there. You can RSVP for that on FetLife if desired.

Then, on Saturday the 17th, it’s Seattle’s biggest hypnokink event of the year, with a play party to follow! Get lots more details and buy tickets here.

The Saturday after that, the 24th, is the regular quarterly meeting of the Hypnokink Enthusiasts’ Group. You can read more about it on the Pan Eros website or RSVP on FetLife. This month, we’ll have demos of a few very different inductions inspired by the progressive relaxation model, then an opportunity for you to show us your own favorite!

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