cancellations and other event news

Sadly, due to the covid-19 pandemic, my classes in Seattle at the end of March have been canceled.

The HEaRT conference in Austin at the end of May has also been canceled. However, they have already chosen dates for 2021: the conference will be May 21-23. I’m planning to be there and hope you can attend too.

I’m slated to present at Beguiled in Chicago at the end of June, but right now we’ll need to wait and see if that event is able to happen. They have currently suspended ticket sales while they wait for more information from their local government and their hotel. If it looks like the conference will be happening and ticket sales open again, I’ll definitely be posting about that!

This is a hard time for all the kink and sex-positive organizations we adore, so please do consider supporting them by attending online classes or just sending donations if you can. I’m exploring the idea of offering distance education, primarily as a way to support the Pan Eros Foundation here in Seattle. If you have thoughts on classes or other offerings you’d like to see online, please drop me a note about that.

I hope you’re well, and able to safely keep your physical distance from others while maintaining your sense of social connection!

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